My ethos

I have a portfolio that is technical, creative and diverse. Most projects I embark upon require a multitude of separate and disparate skills, which display different facets of the creative and inventive process.

Though I have many interests, from instrument design to cryptocurrencies, robotics directly appeals to this multidisciplinary approach. I’m ready to jump in at any stage of production- be it designing circuits, ardware design in CAD, fabrication at the CNC or programming the end result- and I find it especially rewards to take a project all the way to inception to fruition.

My Skills

I’ve been building robots since 2012, programming them since 2014 and designing them since 2016. It can be hard to put a number to some of the skills below, but I’ve been using ROS/Linux/Python/C/C++ for robot programming and general software engineering for over 7 years.

Software and Frameworks

Linux, Git, Pub/Sub/ROS, C/C++, Python, Golang, SQL, Java, Matlab, Docker, Reinforcement Learning, Curriculum Learning


Solidworks, Fusion360, CAM, CNC, rapid prototyping (FDM, SLA, laser), soldering, welding

My history

I received my BS in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin in 2016 after involving myself with the Building Wide Intelligence project early on and continuing until graduation.

Since then I’ve published research on Robotics and AI, worked at Robotics start-up companies and co-founded my own. I’m currently a Research Engineer at the University of Texas at Austin’s Texas Robotics supporting research efforts across 5 robotics labs on more than 10 types of ground-based vehicles and robotic manipulators.