Animatronic Eyes

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Looking toward the future

An un-marketed product of Svenzva Robotics, these animatronic eyes were designed to have each eye independently controllable and to be robust enough for use in a children’s museum exhibit. This design has subsequently been incorporated into custom products, such as an animated eye clock.

Animatronic eyes

The original design consisted of an aluminum construction for maximum robustness and eyes hand-painted by USA-based artists. I have since reworked the design to be 3D printed out of engineering resin, retaining its high strength while also reducing the cost of manufacture. The design utilizes a 2 degree-of-freedom movement for each eye, actuating each axis by sliding the driving mechanism along a shaft along the rear of the eye.

The motion in the video below is powered by the Mini Maestro microcontroller. It also features independent, as well as synchronized, movement of the eyes.